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A love affair with books...

I wrote this a while ago, but this book series is still one of the most beautifully designed I've come across. Read the full post here: http://www.bookdesignawards.co.nz/booklook-with-anna-brown-2/

This collection of books was commissioned in 2006 by the Institut Français, an organisation set up by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These books are typeset in Quadraat (serif and sans serif) with a smattering of Futura Bold. Every edition uses these typefaces, but each does so in a novel way. The way Millot uses the grid is expert, but it is in his whimsical use of Quadraat that you really get the sense that he is flexing his typographic muscles. He uses drop caps in one edition and large folios in another. Footnotes bring the page to life and timelines allow Millot to change the reading condition from portrait to landscape... continue reading

Anna Brown